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Proyecto Hombre Association was created in 1985 open to all people who need treatment for drugs dependence. It is not linked to any particular political or religious ideology and the core of our philosophy is based on a traditional 鈥淭herapeutic Intervention Model鈥. Nowadays, it integrates 27 Centers in Spain and attends over 17.000 users per year.

Proyecto Hombre offers its 30 years of experience in the treatment and 18 years in prevention of drug dependencies, with an average of 100.000 people (youngsters, families and teachers) being helped annually by 1.071 professionals and 2.515 volunteers, who share a common methodology and philosophy that the Proyecto Hombre Association promotes and guarantees.

Our MISSION is to give solidity to Proyecto Hombre Program into society, involving all of our Centers, in order to guarantee their identities and to propitiate:

  • Network
  • Suitable services
  • National and international relationships


  • Over 17,000 people attended
  • Almost 2,000 juveniles attended
  • 14,300 yearly help demands responded
  • 27 centers all over Spain
  • Working in 36 prisons helping about 2,500 people
  • Over 76,000 people attended in our prevention program
  • Nearly 5,000 people under treatment in outpatient programs on alcohol, cocaine and gambling addiction
  • 2,600 volunteers
  • 1,045 employees


Our model involves a series of stages or phases in rehabilitation and social re-entry. The length of the treatment depends on the personal process for each person. Some of our centers have slightly different structures based on the social and cultural needs, economic resources, and different institutional infrastructures in place.

All the Proyecto Hombre Programs share a fundamental concept: people are 鈥渁ware鈥 beings who are capable of solving their own problems.

People are free to choose the life they want and they are responsible for the actions and consequences resulting from their choices. Proyecto Hombre is open to all people who need treatment and is not linked to any particular political or religious ideology.

We have developed programs of:

  • Rehabilitation for people with opioid addictions
  • Rehabilitation and re-entry for consumers of psychotropic substances
  • Rehabilitation and re-entry for alcoholic people.
  • Methadone Treatment
  • Rehabilitation and re-entry for people with gambling addiction
  • Specific programs:
    – 鈥淧royecto Joven鈥: for adolescents and young people (risk situations, antisocial conducts, legal actions,鈥)
    – Intervention with prisoners and ex-prisoners.


  • Abstinence from drugs;
  • Cessation of criminal activity;
  • Obtaining and keeping a job;
  • Improvement of the educational level;
  • Improvement of family relationships; and
  • Establishment of relationships with people who do not use drugs.


The Proyecto Hombre Association has been outlined the latter years for a leadership in networks of national and international areas specialized in drugs dependencies. We think that take part in the Civilian Society Forum on Drugs helps promoting and prioritizing the treatment of topics linked to the ECOSOC in these platforms.

  • President 2000-2006 of the Ibero-American Network, NGO that works in Drug dependencies (RIOD).
  • Member of the Managing committee of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities (WFTC), which has an advisory statute within the United Nations.
  • Member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC).
  • Maintains relationships in training matters with the Italian Federation of Therapeutic Communities (IFTC).
  • Participates in a training project from the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU).
  • Undertakes a continuous exchange with the Latin American Federation of Therapeutic Communities (LAFTC).
  • ECEtt, an initiative of the Belgium Trempoline NGO, supported by the European Commission Leonardo Agency, is the European Pilot Project which main purpose is the 鈥渢raining by travel鈥 method, allowing that 54 trainees can visit 30 host institutions of the ECEtt network.





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