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23 septiembre, 2019


Jaume Farré Cortadellas
Director of Social Programmes at Fundació “la Caixa”


30,971. This is the number of jobs provided last year by Incorpora of “la Caixa” to people in a situation or at risk of social exclusion throughout Spain. It is said quickly. 30,971. Remember this figure, because behind it are hours and hours of effort and work in a network among a crowd of people.

The Incorpora experience, if you allow me to say so, is rewarding for the people hired, companies, social organisations, technicians who work in these organisations and the different agents of the territory who collaborate with the actions of the programme.

For the people who have been hired, because each insertion is of great value for the person who achieves it and for his or her family life, accomplishing positive changes in their life. In Incorpora self-esteem is worked on, so that people have more power and feel that they may turn their situation around.

For companies, last year more than 11,200, because a mediation programme is followed which ideally combines the requirements of the social and business fabric in order to guarantee the success of the social insertion in the company.

For social organisations, 379 in the whole of Spain, because in one way it benefits from and in the other it improves its professionalism and training of its professionals, technicians, who have the best job in the world: finding a job for those who have more difficulty in accessing the job market, such as people with a disability, those who have been unemployed for a long time, young people with difficulties getting a job, ex-prisoners, victims of gender violence, people with addiction problems and immigrants, among other groups.

Nearly one thousand technicians of Incorpora, within this work, support each person to make progress towards job insertion. An insertion working for themselves or for somebody else, as the programme, since January 2016, also promotes self-employment.

And, finally, the experience of these twelve years has been rewarding for the agents of the territory, because they aim to set a trend in the promotion of socially responsible territories, encouraging collaboration among the public administration, the business sector, the third sector and other agents. From the territory, for the territory and with the territory.

This is an outline which is followed, with appropriate adaptations, in all the countries in which we are developing Incorpora. Following its success in Spain, the programme has also been introduced in Hungary, Poland, Tunisia, and, more recently, in Portugal. The commitment is always the same: work to achieve a better well-being of the most vulnerable people.

Twelve years of development and hundreds of thousands of opportunities later, it may seem that all has been done, but the challenges spring up every day in this programme, because the economic situation is variable and we must be attentive, as each person is carrying a different load and we must accompany them to take this weight off, and above all, to make their talents stand out.

One of the key solutions is to not close any door, and this has been achieved by innovating and developing a line of attention for people with mental health problems, for example, or by entrepreneurship among the users of Incorpora.

Thanks to the line of self-employment, people at risk of social exclusion who have business ideas are taking part in a new way of integrating in the job market, with which they can increase their possibilities of overcoming their situation of vulnerability.

Thanks to the line of self-employment, people at risk of social exclusion who have business ideas are taking part in a new way of integrating in the job market, with which they can increase their possibilities of overcoming their situation of vulnerability. Incorpora has designed personalized itineraries for them and has provided them with training and accompaniment so that they can develop their project.

Again in this line, the technicians are a key figure for the success of this initiative as they provide advice and adapted training in each phase of the project via elaboration of the company plan, the link with agents of the territory who support entrepreneurs, the analysis of requirements and risks and of the viability of the company, and the search for financing and help or for suitable premises. In order to favour the consolidation of the business itself, technicians also offer support during the business activity, carrying out personalized monitoring.

Its hand is always held out and it has already brought about the creation of more than 3,000 microenterprises and the access of entrepreneurs to microcredits, thanks to the collaboration with MicroBank, which has brought closer their dream of opening up their own business.

La caixa-Una de las usuarias de Incorpora


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