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23 septiembre, 2019

Insertion Company: One More Channel of Social and/or Labour Integration

“All companies affirm that they need people who are creative and who think for themselves, but this affirmation not only refers to the business world. It means that they look for people whose life has an objective and a significance in and out of the workplace”. Sir Ken Robinson


It is in the last two lines of this quote by Sir Ken Robinson where we find a comparison with the work that our entity develops, broadening the labour concept to a comprehensive one aimed at the individual. In Projecte Home Balears for more than 30 years we have been giving solutions to the problems caused by addictions in the Balearic Society, by investigating and developing prevention and therapeutic treatment programmes which offer an effective alternative adapted to people affected by an addiction and to their family environment, in order to obtain their independence, personal growth and a suitable social and labour integration.

 Initiatives of Labour Insertion

At Projecte Home Balears we manage labour insertion projects which, adapting to the different phases of therapeutic work that we carry out, provide an individualised accompaniment of orientation and labour insertion of people using our programmes. We also carry out research and mediation work with companies of the sector, with the aim of providing them with suitable candidate(s) for the profiles in demand. We therefore manage an internal employment office in the organisation, by which we work on the abilities demanded by the labour market with candidates to participate in this employment office.

In order to work on the professional qualification of the users, we also provide job training, certificates of professionalism and programmes of initial qualification.


Once the person has been inserted, there may be cases in which this insertion has not been completely satisfactory: they are not suitable for the position, fear of job failure, lack of confidence, lack of adapting to the position…

The main indicator that we find is that some people need an intermediate step before entering to form part of an ordinary company. People who, despite successfully finishing their therapeutic programme and presenting suitable abilities and competencies for labour insertion, do not manage to integrate themselves in the ordinary company or show some medium and/or long-term difficulty.

This is why we have been setting in motion different business initiatives and economic activities which have facilitated the hiring of users, serving as experience before stepping into the job search in the labour market. Some of these are:

  • The maintenance of two municipal parks in Palma;
  • The management of two municipal markets of street trading;
  • The concession of the use of mooring buoys on the beach of Formentor;
  • A business initiative of vacuum-packed quality food (“Poc a Poc”) whose activity is temporarily stopped.
  • A restaurant with a catering service in our headquarters (“Restaurante Hom”), whose management has currently been transferred, although it maintains the commitments of hiring people in a situation of exclusion.


Many job opportunities have been offered since the creation of these activities. For example, in the course of 2018, 53 people (11 women, 42 men) coming from some therapeutic and/or labour programme were hired in one of these initiatives.


One Step Further

This year Projecte Home Balears has gone one step further by creating an insertion company (IC).  In the Balearics there are now 5 of us, ours being the first aimed at people at risk of exclusion for problems of drug addiction or other addiction problems which they have or have gone through a process of rehabilitation or social reintegration. By means of this project we set out a labour insertion with professional accompaniment and occupational training in different activities such as gardening, cleaning up the coastline, maintenance and general cleaning, etc.The main activity today in the IC is the maintenance of green spaces and markets, although we are working to bring together all our initiatives, as well as new ones which may appear. How do we do it? Before becoming part of the IC, the candidates go through a previous selection process which, once passed, is followed by the signing of an individualised work plan, in which the user, along with the professionals involved in their accompaniment process, agrees to a personalised and adapted plan.Throughout the development of this work plan, actions specific to their duties in the job position are carried out, as well as actions of job orientation in order to improve their individual abilities.

Our objective is the labour integration of people at risk of social exclusion, with low level of employability and who find themselves at risk of social exclusion. We are confident in converting this Insertion Company into a motivational complement in the end of the therapeutic process, which helps with an appropriate socio-labour insertion and which, at the same time, positively contributes to the Balearic Society.

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